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What to Avoid to Leverage Your Website

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Leverage Your Website

Yes, you may have a business website, but is it effective and efficient? Whether you are selling a product, offering a service, or merely promoting information, a website is a necessity to keep up with the overwhelming competition. A website serves as an inexpensive business tool. But sadly, having a web abode does not guarantee a successful online venture. You need to consider the factors that build a better website. A good internet marketing agency can help you achieve this goal.  A website has a potential to leverage your business/goal; but the potential benefits could turn into nightmare without the proper structure. So, don’t bother setting up a website if you are omitting these basic errors:

Cluttered Homepage

Your homepage is key to building a connection with your visitors. It should engage them at first glance. It’s a major sin to overcrowd your homepage. It will be major turn off and will shoo your audience away.  Instead of navigating your site further, they will just leave and look for a better one. Your homepage should feature simple, organized, and well thought-out nuggets of information summarizing the totality of your website. Less is more when it comes to homepage. Avoid having too much text and images.

Boring and Outdated Content

Content is what makes your audience hooked up to your website. Avoid dull, outdated, and uninformative text. Don’t use so many links to other sites and work of others. Provide fresh, credible, and original content. The more recent the content is, the more frequent it gets indexed by Google. You may also add interactive tools like videos, polls, and images that will also catch your visitors’ attention.

Difficult Navigation

Time is priceless. If website’s navigation is too complex, your visitor will easily give up. Place easy-to-find links and toolbars. Make your nav bars simple and organized. An easy navigation allows your visitor to find what they are looking for with less time.

Bad Visual Design

A design consists of all the visual elements on your websites such as colors and layout. A good visual design adds life to your website. A bad one will be an eye-sore/distraction for your visitor. Avoid inconsistent and complicated designs. Have a theme that corresponds to the topic of your website.

No Call to Action

Call to action – set of words represented by buttons and links – allows your visitors to take action on your website. Examples are “Download Now,” “Call Now,” “Buy Now”, and “Register.” Secure immediate feedback with this feature.

No Social Media Tools

Everyone is turning to social media. You’re website will be left behind if you don’t tie it with social media like Tweeter feeds, Facebook updates, and YouTube videos. Feature social media links to your website and vice versa.

In order to fix or improve something, of course, you need to know first that it needs fixing and pinpoint where the trouble is. Once you have identified what’s not right or working with your website, you are better equipped to give it some makeover.

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