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How to Survive a Renovation Project

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Survive a Renovation Project

Home renovations are a great way to improve your home, and a renovation that is done well can add to the value of a home. However, the renovation process is often stressful, and certain events can add to the stress considerably. Here are eight steps for making your renovations as stress-free as possible.

Do not push your budget

After saving up for exactly $10,000 worth of renovations, some people find that the job will eventually take $13,000 to complete. This can cause a considerable amount of stress, and some renovation projects grind to a halt when the money runs out. Those who have $10,000 saved for renovation should either perform $7,000 worth of renovations or wait until they have closer to $15,000 saved up.

Stick with the plan

One of the biggest mistakes people make with renovations is changing their plans halfway through. These changes can increase the costs, they may require that work that has already been paid for be redone. It’s a bad idea to order vinyl windows and then half way through change your mind. This can seriously hurt project time and money.

Take a break

Renovations often make us feel as if our homes are no longer ours, and it can be hard to relax in a home covered in plastic sheets and filled with dust. Make plans to get out on occasion, and try to forget about the renovations while you are away. If you are budgeted appropriately, the project will be completed eventually.

Monitor work

One problem some people encounter is failing to give proper directions. As a result, a plumber may fail to attach plumbing in a particular room. Before plumbers, electricians and other short-term contractors leave, ensure that they have completed all of the tasks you wanted done.

Make decisions early

Renovations should not be done in an impromptu fashion, and delaying decisions until work has already begun can lead to unnecessary costs and stress. If needed, hire an expert to help you determine what flooring, lighting and other elements will be used.

Set the schedule

To the best of your abilities, set a schedule for workers to follow. Your life will be interrupted while construction is underway, but a bit of planning can help you live a somewhat normal life. Of course, contractors may not be able to comply with youur schedule, but ensure that they know that you value promptness.

Do not set a firm end date

Unexpected events are all but unavoidable, and the work may take longer than expected. While you can make rough estimates as to how long the work will take, do not set a firm deadline, and ensure that nobody is expecting the job to be finished at a particular date.

Do not forget the toilet

A surprising number of people forget that a bathroom will still be needed while renovations are underway. If necessary, rent a portable toilet, but do not end up in a situation where you are knocking on your neighbor’s door on a regular basis.

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