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Simple Baptism Gift Ideas

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baptism gifts

Looking for baptism gifts can be challenging however it should not be stressful. Today, there are many options to choose from when it comes to gifts for Christian events. If you are busy and you cannot think of the perfect gift to give, you can go to Christian gift shops where there are different items to choose from.

When looking for gifts, of course you would want to give something really special. There are a couple of things that you can consider to make sure that you are picking the right gift for a child’s baptism. Here are a few suggestions that you can consider when choosing a christening gift.

Boy or Girl

It will be easier to pick a gift if you know if the baby to be baptized is a boy or a girl. Usually, people would give out gifts with a shade of blue to baby boys and pink for baby girls. If you were given an invitation card for the baptism ceremony, check it before buying gifts to be sure that you are getting the right stuff based on the baby’s gender.


Toys are great gifts to welcome a new child into the world. Now that another child has become a part of the Christian community, you can look into religious children’s toys to symbolize this event. Religious toys will help a child expand his or her faith even while playing. Children are very curious about many things and childhood is the best time to introduce them to things in life such as faith, hope and kindness.


Children always love being cared for. They love it when grown-ups read stories to them or talk to them before they sleep. Reading Bible stories to them can help them develop a strong sense of faith even while they are young.


Religious jewelry is something that a person can keep through his or her entire life. It would be a memorable item to give someone a religious charm when he or she is still a baby. Giving out an emblem during one’s baptism can remind a person how special he or she is in the eyes of God as he or she grows up and can be passed on from generation to generation.

Photo Frames and Wall Art

Some events only come once in a lifetime and among those is baptism. You can keep a part of that special moment by putting a picture on a special frame and hanging it on the wall as a reminder of being part of God’s family. A big baby baptism frame or wall art can also be a great centerpiece in one’s home especially for starting families.

There are lots baptism gifts to choose from. If you do not have much time to shop around, you can look for shops online such as They have been serving people since 1949 so you can choose from a wide range of options since they are experts when it comes to inspirational and Christian gifts.

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