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The Importance of a Good Diet

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Good Diet

The days where food was seen as mere fuel are long gone, with a much more solid understanding of just how important a healthy, balanced diet is to both our physical and mental wellbeing now much more apparent. The positive implications of a good diet are certainly plentiful with the following benefits perhaps the mere tip of the iceberg as to why everyone should enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy heart

There are numerous different ways in which our diet can affect our heart. Too much fat, excess sodium and foods that boost cholesterol will all impact negatively on cardiovascular health. Fat in your diet should be unsaturated, coming from sources such as nuts, fish and low-fat dairy products. Keeping your heart in good shape not only minimises your risk of heart disease and stroke but will vastly improve your overall health by allowing your body to function at its highest capacity.

Energy levels

A diet full of sugary food will cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate erratically, meaningfor large portions of the day you will feel drained of all reserves. Eating little and often is the key to consistent energy levels; as is making sure to include unprocessed carbohydrates like vegetables and whole grains in your meals. Skipping breakfast has been found to affect mood and energy levels not only in the morning but for the entire day, so making time for a nutritious meal before you head off to face the rest of the day is very important.


A good diet can grant you an ability to work with a diverse range of ingredients to create healthy, balanced meals packed full of nutrition. This is an incredibly valuable life skill, with many people even dedicating their working life to various food jobs, putting their knowledge and appreciation of nutrition to good use in many different ways. Perhaps the best thing about having the confidence to make the right decisions about food and diet is that you can pass such understanding onto the next generation, helping to reduce problems like obesity by encouraging youngsters to lead a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy brain

Avoiding fried, fatty foods and opting for Vitamin E rich produce such as almonds and walnuts helps stimulate blood flow to the brain. This is crucial for maintaining good health, particularly later in life, by helping to ward off serious brain related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

Body confidence

Worrying statistics reveal that more children and teenagers than ever are suffering from problems like low self-esteem and a lack of body confidence. These can in turn lead to a whole host of mental and physical conditions such as anorexia, depression and anxiety. A healthy diet can lead to a healthy body, combating such crippling problems at the source. By teaching children not to fear food and make wise choices regarding consumption, we can stop future generations from suffering the same fate.

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