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Managing Deliveries More Effectively

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Managing Deliveries

Paperwork used to be the bane of almost all workers’ lives. Today, however, almost all of our paperwork is digital in nature, making it easier to complete, safer to store and more effective to administrate. However, on the road, a huge number of businesses still rely on actual paper, from ensuring they have accurate co-ordinates for deliveries or visits to simply making sure that those they are working for or delivering to can sign to prove the task has been completed successfully.

With the right delivery management software even this paperwork could quickly become a thing of the past, allowing businesses to streamline their processes, reduce their administration costs and make the lives of their workers easier all at the same time. In fact, whilst such software and hardware may require a certain investment, such purchases will almost certainly pay for themselves in a very short space of time, and in the process will increase accuracy, improve customer satisfaction and boost morale all at the same time.

It is not just those making deliveries that will benefit from proving delivery more easily and reducing the time taken up by administration, and even those who need to work remotely carrying out specific services will be able to get in and out far more quickly and spend more of their time utilising their core skills as opposed to filling out sheet of paper after sheet of paper.

That being said, using electronic signature capture for deliveries will be extremely useful, and not only will it make it easier to complete a delivery, but it will also ensure that such proof of delivery does not become lost further down the line and that individuals trying to claim they have not received a certain item cannot get away with it simply down to bad luck. In turn, employees are protected, as are your assets, ensuring you don’t find yourself questioning the integrity of employees and that you don’t have to lose money replacing items that were indeed already delivered.

Such systems can also offer GPS vehicle tracking too, to ensure that you can monitor staff progress. Not only will this allow you to make sure they are doing exactly what they should be doing, but it may well allow you to more effectively change their course if they are likely to run into problems with traffic, diversions or poorly configured satellite navigation.

Of course, such tracking and information capture will also allow business owners to know exactly where their staff are in real time, thus making it easier to inform customers of estimated times of delivery. Doing this will vastly increase customer satisfaction, and will ensure that any ETA offered is as accurate as possible, something that will not only aid the customers but also the driver, ensuring they do not arrive at empty houses having wasted their time. Such approaches to delivering products to residential or business customers may even allow more deliveries to be made in a single day, again optimising productivity and once again reducing overheads even further.

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