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Making the Most of Life on a Greek Island

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Greek Island

Every summer, we are faced with a difficult decision in regard to choosing a holiday destination. There is a whole world of choices, from the theme parks of Florida to the historic buildings of Paris, and for most of us making such a decision often involves a significant amount of research before selecting a particular location.

One of the most popular holiday regions is to be found in southern Europe. The Greek Islands offer a wonderful climate, a relaxed lifestyle, and plenty of beautiful sun-kissed beaches, and this rather pleasing combination ensures a steady stream of tourists from all over the world throughout the summer season. Here are five islands that should be at the top of everyone’s list of destination options.


Located in the Southern Aegean, Santorini is a beautiful island that plays host to several popular resorts. The views of the sea from the cliff-top capital of Thira are especially stunning, especially when enjoyed from a table at one of the restaurants or bars in the area. There are several areas of the island which offer prime viewing points for the spectacular sunsets which occur throughout the summer.


Because of its location – it’s further north than most of the well-known Greek holiday islands – Skiathos doesn’t always enjoy the same climate as many of the others. Having said that, the weather is generally very good in the summer, and the fact that it’s close to the mainland means many tourists use the local ferry service to do a little exploring when they have had their fill of the beaches.


The largest of the Greek Islands and the one that’s commonly regarded as the daddy of them all, Crete is, to put it simply, a must-visit. The beautiful and spectacular expanses of golden sand provide the perfect location for a lazy afternoon, of course, and the many tavernas offer a friendly welcome to everyone. There is also a rich heritage on the island, so the history that’s all around you should be investigated.


At just over 150 square miles in size, there is plenty of room for everyone to have a great time in Zakynthos. Some areas of the island are synonymous with party locations for the younger generation, but there is far more to the place than that. It’s a good idea to check out the best deals from any car hire companies if you have time, so you can take to the road and explore the many charms of this wonderful destination without having to spend more than you need to.


Although Kos is located just a few miles from the Turkish resort of Bodrum, it retains a distinctly Greek atmosphere. The largest town, also called Kos, is popular during the day with shoppers on the lookout for the best bargains, and in the evening with party-goers in search of a good time. Any tourists who are looking for a little seclusion will be pleased to discover some of the many intimate coves and bays that are found along the coastline.

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